Down with Hackers

Alright what gives you the right to go and hack a site? I mean really, and of all sites a Scrapbooking site, why would you even bother? All I can say is GROW UP!! What did that site or anyone there ever do to you? Is this your way of feeling like a big man, if so maybe you should pick a site that isn't populated by 98% women. Of all the sites to hack, banks, credit cards, eBay, you know ones that actually have money associated with them you pick one that a bunch of women are at. Well, we may be women, and we may be for the most part harmless creatures, but let me tell you, you have threatened us and that is not good. Do you not know that we have sharp tools and blunt objects, and we know how to use them. So, if you could please grow up and realize that you could be doing bigger and better things please release my scrappy site already.

About to get my Rabbit with the Big Sharp Pointy Teeth slippers out and attack, show how dynamite this Bunny really is.

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Lainey said...

You go girl, break out those bunny slippers. It is pretty lame to hit up our little ol' scrappy home. Gimme a break!