A Croppin' I will Go!

Okay, so next week Friday I leave for a fun filled weekend in Florida. What will I be doing for fun you may ask, well I will be scrapbooking of course. A friend of mine there has got us a great little retreat place to go for the weekend so a group of us are headed down for some serious scrappy time. We don't have to leave to sleep or eat, which is totally cool.

So, I have been getting my scrappy stuff ready to go for the last few days. So far I have 16 page kits ready to go. I am hoping that this will help me get lots and lots accomplished while I am there, even if I am blabbering away. I love the fact that I can just pull out everything I need for a page and work on it. I have the papers all picked out, the pictures printed (all but one), the journaling written, and a materials list. I am hoping to use Yams' wide format printer to print my favoritest wedding picture on fabric, I sure hope it turns out or I could be seriously bummed. I have all sorts of pages planned too, that way I shouldn't have to worry about not wanting to work on something I have so many to choose from. I am hoping to get a few more done as well, I mean I am going to have roughly 38 hours of scrappy time.

I have started my what to bring list of tools and supplies, I am hoping to not completely move out of my scrappy room. DH always is amazed at how much I can bring with me, but hey you don't want to not have something. I am hoping that with the page kits I will have packed only what I need, and if some need comes up my fellow scrappers should be able to help me out--that's what croppin with others is about helping each other. I am so super excited about this trip I can hardly stand it. Only a few more days and we will be hitting the road for a fun filled weekend of scrappin'. What could be better?

Until next time from the Bunny hole.
Bunny Out


Anonymous said...

You are going to have so much fun your little bunny feet won't even hit the ground:) Enjoy the sun, friends and fun LB. You will be missed and maybe, just maybe, some of us can catch up with that bunny:) Be Safe and have a great time.

Lainey said...

Hey chica! Keep up the happy blogging! I know you are gonna have an AWESOME time in FL, I so wish that I could join you guys! 16 page kits??? Good grief! I think you will have enough to keep you busy (for a week!)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Bunny! Hope you have a great time in Fla. Please let us know how much you accomplish.
:) Melissa (Mel)

Carol said...

Woohoo, Bunny!! Have fun in Florida! :D