A Croppin' I Did Go

What a weekend!

Friday we left my house a little after 4 am and hit the road with a mission. We made it to Savannah for breakfast with an online friend. We had so much fun just a chatting away. Wish we would have had more time but we were on a mission and we could not stray from our schedule. We left Savannah and hit the road for our next stop--Winter Haven, FL and an awesome Scrappy Store there. Lets just say we made good time. Just before Daytona my friend needed to rest so we decided to pull off and switch drivers. Well, we didn't pull off at the best place, and getting back on to the interstate was a bit tricky. I did it, luckily that dump truck could move over, and getting used to a new car at 80 is not always easy, but I did it.

We got to Winter Haven and the scrappy store, found a few things and were off once again. We were now headed for Branden and a JoAnn's Superstore. Better selection than the JoAnn's here, but we both only found a couple very small items and we were back on the road again for Parrish and our final destination Day Springs.

I was navigating, and we missed the turn. I do have to say it was so not my fault. Map Quest gave us the name of a street to turn on, however, the streets all have two names and the one we had was the smaller of the two. Now when I say smaller I mean it looked like, and I quote, "like it came from Barbie's Dream House." It was so small. The sign for the Conference center was small too, but at least I saw that on our second pass. We were very happy to get there.

We then had to unload the car, this took several trips but we did it. We also set up our scrappy areas so that we could do some serious scrappin. We were not there long and then it was supper time. Thank goodness we were starved. When we got back from supper we went to yet another scrappy store. I found some fun stuff there. We got back and we got to scrappin'.

We stayed up late and got up early all weekend, but we had so much fun. We even got some scrappin' done. I in fact made 5 single page layouts and 3 double page layouts, got to play with the Xyron Personal Cutting System and some fun Quickutz Dies. So out of the 22 page kits I put together I got 8 of them done, great accomplishment considering it seemed like every time I looked up it was time to go eat.

We left Day Springs a little after noon on Sunday. This was in itself a trip. We were taking one of our friends, she is from Ohio, to Orlando to visit her family. Now the little car we were in was loaded with just two of us, but add a third to the mix and loaded is an understatement. In fact our hope for the hour long trip was to not hit any bad bumps. The little Saturn was so loaded we drove with three people in the front. I drove and my two friends shared the passenger seat, close friends has an entirely new meaning now LOL. By the time we got to Orlando we were all very happy to get out of the sardine can. But we did have fun, I still giggle when I think about it.

Well we left Fink in Orlando and back on the road again. We were on yet another mission, a mission to make it home before Monday, which we did. Traffic was good for us, which was great because there was a 20 mile stretch on the other side of the interstate that looked like a parking lot and we were very happy to not be there. Unfortunately the weather was not as good. From Jacksonville to Columbia it rained off and on, and for a few of those ons it was so bad you could hardly see, but we made it. We pulled into my drive way about 11 pm, unloaded my stuff and was home. My friend still had another 10 miles til home and to unpack her stuff, which waited until the next day because it was raining so hard when she got there.

What a weekend, I tell you, but man we had so much fun. I am looking forward to next year, but we will have a bigger car for that one.

Well thats it from the Bunny Hole for now. Peace

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Lainey said...

I'm glad you're back! It sounds like the poor little Saturn needs a break from you three! LOL