Checking In

Hey all y'all I just wanted to do a quick check in and share some of the progress on my scrappy space, aka the Bunny Hole :)

Anyway, my table top has been painted and sealed, cabinets for the base have been assembled and one has the painting started.  The weather has been hampering my ability to finish painting some things, but I have been trying.  I have the back of my racks painted, and everything else that needs painting is laid out neatly so I can grab and go.  I put the new door knobs on my closet doors today.

Let's see what else, oh yeah...the shelf for my scanner has been installed and the scanner is hooked up.  I am so excited, not to mention the space it helped me create.  My rack for my little Xyron X's is up and happily doing its duty.  And I have one of my cork boards up by my desk for little pieces of inspiration.

I cannot wait to unveil my finished space.  Oh, the color scheme of my room is ballerina pink--shocker for some of you I know, but scrapping is my girlie thing, aloe vera green--which is a light green, and sarsaparilla brown.  I so love the colors, and lucky for me I have been able to find storage cubes and bins at the dollar store in green and pink.  Yes a very happy Bunny for sure.

That's all I got, so until next time, keep hopping!

Bunny Out

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Sara Gilles said...

Finally 3:)