I know it has been ages but here I am with a little update.

Well things are going much better lately. It took some time to get completely up to speed and back to work full time, but I am back! Once I had the endoscopy done and they determined it was only muscle spasms life got better--well and the medication helped too. So, still getting stronger and healthier, even am down to my lowest weight in years and feel darn good about it.

Well work has been crazy, as always with the fiscal year end. Not to mention the fact that the University of South Carolina Gamecock Baseball team won the World College Series so they are National Champs. I will say what a way to kick off the July 4th weekend. The annual AALL conference has come and gone, and as usual it was jammed packed. I will say Denver was AWESOME and getting to hang out at Mile High Stadium was very cool--I can punt a football almost 40 yards!! Enemy territory for sure, but what a blast. I already miss my colleagues from other schools, I so wish we could see each other more often than once a year. So, I guess it is time to look forward to Philly in 2011!

I already have my parking space and season tickets for Gamecock Football! I am so ready for some football! I have started using Twitter so I have been following a lot of Green Bay Packer related tweets and that has me so longing for kickoff. Thank goodness training camp is only a couple short weeks away. I have also been trying to scrap some, seems I took a little break for a while. I just finished my perpetual calendar book, and I have to say I love the Bind-It-All 2.0. I am also quickly becoming addicted to anything Tim Holtz, I find myself drooling on his website especially now since the CHA sneak peeks are showing up. I will say his embossing folders are so nice and leave such a great impression. Did I mention I cannot wait for my next scrappy trip with my peeps, yep watch out Lancaster, SC because we are coming!!

All else:
Not much else is new here, always busy it seems. The family is doing well, mom is having surgery on her foot again so hopefully this will fix it for good now. My brother is crazy as ever and the first chance I get I am going to go see him--hmmm maybe early August will have to look into that. Looking forward to a possible trip to Disney in October as well, should be fun, I so want to go to an amusement park and just be a kid!

Not much else to report, hopefully I will have some projects to post soon need to get my scrap on! So that is it from the bunny hole, peace!

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