2009 Recap!

Well 2009 has come and gone and I guess in the grand scheme of things it was an alright year.

I got a lot of scrapping done and even have my scrappy hole in pretty good order. I love looking around the room and seeing all the colors. I have made some new scrappy friends and look forward to cropping with them in the near future. I have also branched out and tried some new things. My favorite scrappy community decided to ditch the community all together so I really do not have a scrappy cyber home. I really miss all the fun we had, the late night chats and the cyber crops, hopefully in 2010 I will be able to fill this void.

I was able to go up and visit my parents and family twice this year. Once in July when I showed up and surprised my mom on her birthday. That was the best, sneaking through the house talking to her on my cell phone. The look on her face when she saw me standing in her bedroom door talking to her on the phone was priceless. And I do believe she even lovingly called ma a little sh*t! Dad and I got her for sure. On this visit I was able to attend my Grandma's 90th birthday party as well as see cousins and family I have not seen in years. It was really nice reconnecting with them. The second time was in September, no surprising anyone that time. The purpose of my visit was strictly football, Green Bay Packer Football that is. Dad and I went to the season opener against the Bears, what fun it was to win in the last seconds of the game--whoo hoo go Pack go! I was also able to participate in the Second Annual Poo's Ride for Autism. The 100 mile loop was a beautiful drive, I had a lot of fun. So totally different then the other Poker run I had been on.

I was able to enjoy another season of Gamecock Football. My friend Sam and I went to all the home games, we have so much fun tailgating and people watching. Ok, not all the home games, she missed the first one, and I sold the Clemson game tickets, but otherwise. I was able to get different seats this season so I moved across the field to the home side, hurray!! I will say it is odd yelling Game instead of Cocks at the game! LOL My seats are pretty good, not far from my parking spot, and the family that sits with is AWESOME. Its Grandparents and their two grandchildren. The Grandma reminds me of mom when she is watching football, hearing "take his head off" brought back so many memories. The Gamecocks had a pretty good season, we were so close to beating Florida and Alabama we could taste it. The Florida game was just CRAZY too, and it was the only loss at home all season. We even BEAT Clemson this year!! Bowl bound we were, to the PapaJohns.com Bowl (seriously). Too bad we didn't show up for this game, reminded me the game against Arkansas--you have to show up to win boys. But, beating Clemson in the Palmetto Bowl works for me. So, here is 2010 may it be the year of the Gamecocks in the SEC!!

I had another wonderful information filled time at AALL in Washington DC this year, and again met a lot of wonderful fun librarians. (Honestly we are a crazy bunch in large groups, trust me!) The first night I was at the right place at the right time for supper, as I was able to enjoy networking with some Directors (rubbing elbows with the big wigs). Who knew that the Director of the Duke Law Library was from Marshfield, Wisconsin and a huge Packer fan? I know crazy. We had lots of fun, sitting on the bench outside the hotel people watching was a good time. The West party was again way fun, and way to short, so afterwards I went with some friends to a Salsa club, very fun. Let's just say the Cab Driver was not enthused when I asked him if he was going to ask us general knowledge questions on the way back to the hotel. Cash Cab it was not, and he was no Ben Bailey, I will say maybe that last Limon and 7 was NOT the best idea. The closing party, was somewhat of a drag! The band was horrible, everything they played was at least two beats too slow--we are librarians not little old people walking with canes and walkers (this statement is in no way meant to be mean towards this group of people). Needless to say, when a room full of librarians are heckling you that is not a good sign. At least the music they put on during their brake was something we could dance to, and we did.

What else, oh I went to the NinJa Concert with my friend Bev this summer. Hottest day of the year but we did not care Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction was well worth every bead of sweat. We went for her birthday, surprised her with better seats then she thought she was paying for. It was an AWESOME show, my third time seeing NIN but my first seeing Jane's and it was so cool. I didn't think I would get to see them since they had broken up, but the original band was together for this tour. It was so awesome! Hubby and I and another couple also went and saw Steven Lynch who is a signing comedian, omg FUNNY! We had a great time and hopefully we can do something like that again real soon.

Other than that not much has been going on, I know I am looking forward to 2010 and all it has in store for me and my family. I hope that you and yours have a wonderful 2010 as well.

I will try to update a little more often and post some creations. For now, peace from the Bunny Hole.

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